Author : Mrs Cynthia Cooke (Retired Principal , Camperdown High School)

Camperdown High School has a rich history in Track and Field Athletics. Hence, any Track and Field Athletics calendar in Jamaica should reflect this. At least , that’s how we feel.


Many years ago, Mr. Mills and myself, journeyed to some insurance companies, trying to interest them in sponsoring a Camperdown Track meet. At least one showed interest. It was up to us now to find a venue. Many here will know that Camperdown High School has a field, but that field can only accommodate a track of less than 200m on the perimeter. We therefore decided on field events only. I guess you know by now, that did not materialize.


2005, is now the year that Mr. Mills and I succeeded in having the Inaugural Camperdown Classics, placed on the calendar of events published by the JAAA. The meet will be held on Saturday, February 12, 2005, at the Stadium East. Yes, we do have sponsors. They have decided to start with us and we hope they will continue in the years to come.


Although we are the “new kids on the block,” we do not wish to try and better those who were before us. We want this meet to be seen as an event that is necessary, to satisfy the need of the growing number of schools and other institutions, seeking to qualify for participation in major championships.


The meet has a scheduled start of 9:00am and the final event for 6:35pm. The events are: 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and 4 x 400m relays. 400m hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump.


Over 70 schools have stated their intention to participate together with UWI, G.C.Foster College, EXED Community College and others. Kim Collins, 2003 World 100m gold medallist, heads the team from Racers Track Club and the High Performance Centre.


Our team have been learning from other meets staged so far this season. We have listened to our athletes, coaches and spectators. The technical teams and the media have also provided us with a wealth of information. All this has been added to the bag of knowledge already provided by Mr. Glen Mills and our Meet Manager Mr. Garth Gayle. The product should be a meet of high quality.